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Everyday lunch Buffet is
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April 15th, 2022

Monday to Friday

11:30 AM to 2.30PM

Sat. & Sunday 12.PM to 3PM

"Some of the pictures of the food below are different from the pictures of the real food. We will update the pictures soon."

Assorted non-Veggie Appetizers $10.99

Chicken pakora, fish pakora, veggie pakora & samosa

Fish Pakora $6.99

Boneless pieces of fresh salmon dipped in spiced chickpea butter and then fried.

Papdi Chat $6.99

Crisp wafers with potatoes, yogurt, chickpeas and tamarind chutney.

Paneer Pakora $6.99

Home made cheese dipped in chickpea butter, then fried.

Tikka Naan $5.99

Naan staffed with “your favorite” fresh chicken Tikka

Vegetable Samosa (3) $5.49

Spiced and seasoned potatoes & peas stuffed in a pastry shell

Vegetable Pakora $4.99

Fritters of onion, spinach & potatoes fried in a lightly spiced chickpea battar

Assorted Appetizers $6.99

Choice of mixed or vegetarian

Dahi Aloo Chaat $4.99

Potatoes, chickpeas, tomatoes, onions & green peppers drizzled with yogurt & tamarind sauce (served cold)

Meat Samosa (2) $4.99

Spiced and seasoned ground beef & peas in a pastry shell

Papad $2.99

Thin, crunchy wafers made with lentils and black pepper

Chicken Pakora $5.99

Boneless chicken fritters fried in a lightly spiced chickpea battar

Coconut Naan $4.99

A soft white flour bread baked in the tandoor filled with sweet coconut

Garlic & Cheese Naan $5.99

garlic and mozzarella cheese

Kashmiri Naan $4.99

A bread baked in the tandoor filled with raisins, almonds

Vegetable Patties $8.99

Spiced potato patties layered with chickpeas, tamarind and yogurt.

Vegetable Soup $3.99

Delicately spiced mixed vegetables with lentils

Mulligatawny Soup $3.99

Traditionally spicy and tangy . A smooth, thick blend of chicken broth, lentils and yogurt

Lentil Soup $3.99

Traditional blend of lentils and delicate spice

Tomato Soup $3.99

A smooth, thick blend of chicken broth, tomatoes and yogurt

Chennai Rasam $4.99 - $4.99

South indian hot & sour soup made of tomatoes, garlic, tamarind, herbs and spices.

Mango Lassi $4.99

A refreshing yogurt shake with a choice of Mango, Sweet, or Salty

Soft Drinks $2.50

Coke, Pepsi, Sprite, or Diet Coke

Mango Juice $4.69

Description Not available for now

Chai $2.99

A creamy blend of spiced tea with milk

Coffee $1.99

Description Not available for now

Tamarind Chutney $3.99

Sweet and spicy sauce made of tamarinds

Coriander Chutney $3.99

Freshly blended cilantro, herbs and yogurt sauce

Raita $3.99

Creamy, cool yogurt blended with cucumber, carrot and herbs

Spicy Pickles $3.69

Choice of Mango, Chili, Lemon or Mixed

Mango Chutney $3.99

Blend of mango and ginger in a sweet thick sauce

Chicken Tikka Masala $15.99

Boneless cubes of chicken grilled in the tandoor and cooked in a rich, creamy tomato…

Chicken korma $15.99

Boneless pieces of chicken cooked with raisins and simmered in a smooth almond sauce

Karai Chicken $15.99

Curried pieces of chicken cooked with sauteed fresh green peppers, tomatoes, and onions

Chicken Vindaloo $15.99

Chicken and potatoes cooked in a spicy and tangy sauce

Chicken Biriyani $15.99

Steamed Basmati rice and chicken cooked together with saffron, raisins and almonds

Garlic and ginger Chicken $15.99

Tender boneless chicken cooked with herbs & spices with a touch of ginger and garlic.…

Chicken Pall ( Extremely Hot) $15.99

(Extremely Hot) Tender boneless chicken with dry chilly ,garlic with aromatic herbs and spices.

Chicken Tikka Jhalfrezi $15.99

Boneless cubes of grilled tandoori chicken cooked with sauteed tomatoes, green peppers, onions, and vegetables

Dhaniwal Korma $15.99

Boneless pieces of chicken cooked in a blend of creamy yogurt and fresh coriander

Saag Wala $15.99

Chicken cooked in creamy spinach

Chicken Curry $15.99

Traditional chicken curry with herbs and spices

Chicken Makhani $15.99

Boneless chicken thai simmered in a herbs and tomato sauce.

Chicken Madras ( Very hot!) $15.99

Tender boneless chicken with ginger, garlic ,hot & sour tomato sauce with a spicy pickle

Kozhi Chettinad $16.99

The authentic “deviled chicken” in black peppercorn sauce, spicy tamarind and ginger sauce. A Tamil…

Badami Murgh $16.99

Chicken cooked in mildly spiced curry, creamy almond and cashew sauce with a dash of…

Chicken Xacutti $15.99

Pronounced “Sha-Ku-Tee” a spicy chicken curry made with roasted coconut, red chilies, curry leaves, c-umin…

Chicken Malabar $16.99

Malai kabab cooked with coconut then sauteed with mustard seeds.

Shrimp Curry $17.99

Shrimp cooked in herbs & spices with a touch of garlic and ginger

Shrimp saag $17.99

Shrimp cooked in creamy spinach